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Faith and Persecution: Do We Have It Easy in America?

We are pretty much free to believe whatever we want in America and identify as we wish. We insult, mock and take for granted God, the Bible and the faith. This isn’t the case everywhere in the world. We could learn just how serious having faith in Christ really is from parts of the world where the Bible isn’t allowed.

The word of God and salvation appear to come so easily to us that I believe we greatly abuse it. So I’m greatly impressed by the faith of foreign believers and martyrs in Christ Jesus. In other countries they follow Christ with their lives and family’s lives on the line while we argue over which name to call the Messiah and what color His skin is. Some of our brothers and sisters in Christ long to receive scriptures on strips of paper while many of us in America hoard Bibles that collect dust.

We are free to experiment in the faith without the threat of losing our lives. Many of these believers elsewhere are tortured and die for their conversion, and for a Messiah who has revealed His grace, love and message of salvation. They don’t think of a color. They don’t think of a gender nor do they even fully know the scriptures when humbling themselves to Jesus Christ. They simply meet Him and are compelled by His Spirit of Truth, so by faith they lay their lives down. With courage they spread the gospel message. By grace through faith they are made whole and it can be as simple as that. Yet in our offenses and sinful nature we complicate this.

So many of us seem to lack compassion and understanding in the faith that we forget that it’s precious. Sometimes it’s not until tragedies occur on our soil and in our neighborhoods that we begin to value who the Lord is and the cost to follow Him. It’s stories like the one in the video below by Voice of the Martyrs that can remind us that the gospel of salvation in Christ is for everyone, regardless of how some teach otherwise. These testimonies remind us that we are truly saved by grace and that faith is a gift from the Father (Ephesians 2:8).

Can you share a time when you’ve almost lost your life in America because of your faith in Jesus Christ? Comment below.

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