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Expanding Your Income: Do You Really Need Another Job?

Many people run low on cash every month for one reason on another. Do you need a better paying job or should you pick up a second job? I don’t know. Everyone’s answer to that question will be different; however, I would like to share some options that could put you in a better financial situation going in to the new year.

Option #1 – Increase your bandwidth!

If your current job leaves you with a lot of time after everything is done then you may have some additional bandwidth.  Consider approaching your supervisor or boss about adding a little more responsibility to your plate.  If you can cause your team to work more efficiently by increasing your bandwidth, it could turn into more money for you.

Option #2 – Build and compensate your sales force

Does your current job or career path engage the public directly?  If so, there could be an opportunity to alert your family, friends, customers and network to what you do and ask that they remember you by referring their family, friends and members of their network to the services or product your company offers.  While working that angle with the outside, approach your employer about a referral program that compensates you. As your circle begins to indulge in the product or service your company offers you will be compensated.

Option #3 – Development

Professional and personal development is helpful in every industry.  When employees engage in professional and personal development, the return is usually a better skill set, renewed focus and changed mindset.  These intangibles are valuable.  They could be valuable enough for your company to pay for you to engage in both.  It is a thought.  A motivated employer may see the value in paying for this.  If so, then you would increase and sharpen the tools in your bag.  I call that a win!

Option #4 – Add some parchment

Are there any additional certifications that you can obtain in your industry?  Will acquiring these certifications equate to a higher salary?  If the answer to both of those questions is yes, then what are you waiting for? Go get some more parchment!

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