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Engineer Designs the Ultimate Payback for Package Thieves

If it’s never happened to you, consider yourself lucky as more than a third of Americans report being a victim of some form of package theft (according to Shorr Packaging). Xfinity home came to a similar number when doing their own costumer survey on the issue.

At the very least it’s fair to say that people steal things and there are a number of methods to prevent theft. One talented engineer and YouTuber, Mark Rober decided to take it a step up in his attempt to stop this type of theft:

Needless to say, this is definitely an excessive tactic, but with 52 million youtube views to date, it is definitely an entertaining one.

It was later revealed that some of the reactions Rober originally recorded for this video were staged.

According to statements Rober made via Twitter, he asked participants to place the trick package on their porch and if it was stolen they would receive financial compensation for retrieving the stolen package.

Rober confirmed 2 cases where the theft and retrieval of the package was staged and edited out these reactions from the original video.

This development and Rober’s actions after the fact got me thinking. Presenting “staged” data as genuine for the sake of financial gain isn’t new.

The statement “31 percent of respondents stated they had personally experienced package theft” may be technically true, but there might be confounding variables (Was it actually theft? Are the respondents reliable?) that haven’t been taken into consideration.

I’m not saying Xfinity and Shorr are intentionally lying but I am saying they have a financial motivation for presenting you with these findings.  Xfinity is selling an AI powered camera system to deter this type of theft.

Have you ever been a victim of package theft? If so, have you done anything to protect yourself from it happening again? What do you think of Mark Rober’s invention? Let us know in the comments below!

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