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Eleven White Supremacist Groups Have Joined Forces for the Race War

I guess this is how we’re supposed to “make America great again”.  And no that’s not a dig at Donald Trump. It’s a dig at everyone who says it without understanding the truth that America has never been that great.

It would seem that the idea stems from Christians who think America was great when the majority of people said they were Christians.  But during that time, we celebrated religious freedom while denying freedom altogether to a large group of people with darker skin.  And what about the freedom of the Native Americans we stole the land from?  Maybe we should ask them how to make America great again.

So yeah, I’m aggravated to be seeing this video in 2016.  Frankly I’m pissed, and as a “white” person, I think it’s time white people stop pretending that it isn’t our responsibility to check our own just because we aren’t involved in it ourselves.  If you love truth, then you should feel compelled to expose the absurdity of this nonsense.  I’ll also take the charge to Christians, since Lord knows this garbage is probably being done by people claiming to be following Christ because they read the Bible through their racist worldview instead of letting the Bible give them an actual Christ-like worldview.

My rant is done.  Watch the video if you don’t mind having a moment of righteous anger.


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