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Driver Puts Tesla on “Autopilot”, Falls Asleep in L.A. Rush Hour Traffic

What would you do if you pulled alongside another driver sleeping behind the wheel? Electric automaker Tesla has developed a technology they call “autopilot” that allowed the gentleman in the video below to do just that.  Of course the term autopilot tends to makes us imagine a pilot pushing a button and exiting the cockpit of an airplane for a bathroom break.  That is not however, the idea Tesla was hoping to give consumers with this new feature.  In a statement, they responded to the video saying,

“Tesla Autopilot is designed to provide a hands-on experience to give drivers more confidence behind the wheel, increase their safety on the road, and make highway driving more enjoyable.”

They continue by stating that the feature,

“does not turn a Tesla into an autonomous vehicle and does not allow the driver to abdicate responsibility,” adding that drivers are “responsible for remaining alert and present when using Autopilot and must be prepared to take control at all times.”

Regardless of what they are saying, it certainly seemed to be working pretty well for this guy.  Of course this is still irresponsible, but I, for one, can’t wait until I can catch a power nap on the way home from work.

What is the greatest feature you hope cars will eventually have?  Use your imagination!

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