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Do You Show Your Husband an Abundance of Grace?

Grace is obviously a form of kindness because it’s often undeserved or simply extended as a courtesy. God dishes massive amounts of grace through His Son, drawing us to Him. Grace provides wiggle room to learn, opportunity to grow, and a safe place to become a better human being.

I was meditating on the Lord regarding relationships, and this scripture in Jeremiah 31:3 came to mind,

I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with unfailing kindness.

This verse caused me to think about how God’s grace teaches me and builds me up. I appreciate God’s grace over my life and I thought of a godly friend who exudes kindness through grace. In his voice there’s a peace, gentleness and maturity that has caused me to understand why men long to have peaceful wives. Men are very attracted to genuine kindness. Proverbs 21:9 says,

Better to live on a corner of the roof than share a house with a quarrelsome wife.

The quarrelsome wife is a woman obviously lacking in grace. The lack of grace creates a divide. Grace can unite. If she lacks grace, she is lacking in kindness. A man needs grace being that he is positioned as the leader of his home. He needs grace to know that even if he doesn’t have it all figured out, that his wife still believes in and honors him and who God is in His life. He needs to know that he’s still allowed to learn and grow, once married, and not be berated. He needs to know that if he doesn’t do things exactly as his wife would, that she’s not going to make him pay for it some kind of way. He needs to know she protects him in his errors. He needs that grace because that grace has the power to renew, strengthen and create wisdom as he matures. God’s grace is kind and life is tough! Grace is a necessity for growth and God knew that and gave us this gift.

I know I need grace after I’ve done all I can and I still fall short. I desire grace when I know I’m doing all I can for my children but it still doesn’t seem to be enough as a single parent. I need grace when depression sets in and I have to fight it off. I need grace to not be the “perfect woman” for a man. We all need grace.

So to come across men who so lovingly show that grace, it makes me understand so much more the need for a man to have that grace in his home and from his wife—a woman who understands her husband, even if she doesn’t fully understand how he does things.

I know we  just want our men to be everything the world, the Bible, and other responsibilities pressure them to be, but a woman of the Lord must also learn to extend the same grace given to her from the Father.


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