Thursday , June 29 2017
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DJ Wade-O Interviews Lecrae About CHH, Signing to Columbia, the Rules of Music & More

You’re in for a treat. GrowTheHeckUp loves Lecrae and Reach Records. I read his book and I recommend it often, especially to his critics. But this is probably my favorite Lecrae interview. For one, it’s great to see Lecrae on a Christian hip-hop outlet, and secondly, it’s great to hear the brother bring clarity to issues that many of his supporters have wondered and been uncertain about for quite some time. Out of the gate DJ Wade-O also asked Lecrae about the video Datin made challenging some of Lecrae’s responses in some of his recent and ‘Crae gave some great thoughts in his response and even gave Datin a nod and a shout. He also shouted out nobidyl, Ty Brasel, and Surf Gvng. Watch the video and leave your thoughts in the comments!

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