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Derek Minor Addresses Beef & the Worst Thing That Happened to CHH

Derek Minor took time out of his set to address CHH beef at Legacy Conference 2017. In case you haven’t been following, there’s been an increasing amount of disagreement and contention in Christian hip-hop for some time, but in recent weeks, it’s escalated quite a bit, beginning with a rebuke from Christian rap veteran Shai Linne. He released two songs (Random Thoughts 3 and Ichabod) that openly disagreed with Reach Records and CHH’s current trend of using more covert methods to reach wider audiences.

Christian rapper Ruslan, who doesn’t sport the “CHH” label, responded with some words of his own in his song Random Thoughts 4. Both efforts have elicited passionate, and in some cases extreme responses. Without calling out anyone in particular (he said as much), Derek Minor took time out to bark on CHH a little bit for some of the nonsense that we’ve been engaging in. I pray that those of us who are tuning in take heed to this strong admonition. Since then, Shai Linne’s label mate, Hazakim has also gone on to release what many in the community are calling the most personal and scathing response yet called Spare The Rod. Let us know what you think of what Derek Minor shared at Legacy Conference 2017.


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