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Dee-1 Tells CNN Why His Video about “Sallie Mae” has Gone Viral

In case you missed it, Dee-1 dropped a new music video celebrating his achievement of paying off his student loans.  He hopes the message will serve to inspire others who are familiar with the struggle (as many of us are!). Jessica Dunne of CNN reported:

What made “Sallie Mae Back” popular — besides the catchy beats and whimsical video that’s drawn more than 320,000 YouTube views — is that so many Americans can relate: As of 2014, at least 40 million Americans have at least one outstanding student loan, pushing the nationwide student loan debt to a record $1.2 trillion.

The video has garnered so much attention that even financial lender Sallie Mae tweeted a response: “Congrats @Dee1music!

Have you paid Sallie Mae back yet?  Sound off in the comments on this hot topic.


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