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Dee-1 Proclaims Celibacy Led to Viral Video Success

There’s just something about this brother.  His attitude is contagious and seems to always include a God-given confidence.  As a guest on nationally televised “The Real” he was asked if he expected the video for “Sallie Mae Back” to go viral like it has.  Without hesitation he responded “Yes”, and went on to explain that he is a “man of God”.

“Me being a proud Christian, I had faith in my product that I created”

He goes on to explain in the video below how God told him he wanted to elevate him to a platform of millions, but that He had to see if his walk was righteous.  To Dee-1, that meant overcoming the struggle he was having to remain celibate until marriage.

“I knew if I could conquer that I would have a platform of millions, and all I’ma tell y’all is, right now millions of people are watching this”

The video concludes with a performance of his new hit song:

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