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Dee-1 Contemplated Suicide Before ‘Sway In The Morning’ Appearance

Dee-1 revealed some interesting information this morning at SXSW.  This coming week he will feature Big KRIT and Lupe Fiasco on a remix of “Against Us”, his single off of the previously released 3’s Up.  Stay tuned for that, but the New Orleans based artist also transparently revealed a struggle with suicide that an appearance on Sway’s show helped alleviate:

“[Sway] don’t know this, but he saved my life. Remember when I came on y’all show and I broke down crying and all that? This industry will play mind games with you. I was in severe depression. I had an interview scheduled with Sway. October 14, 2014,”

“I was contemplating suicide, just to be all the way real with y’all. I went on this man’s show. The energy I felt, the spirit … this man told me, ‘Dee, you got a calling on your life that might be bigger than anything a record exec could tell you,’ and ever since then, I’ve been on the highest high ever, y’all. And it’s because I know I got a purpose. Make sure you get in touch with yours.”


What do you think of this testimony he shared and will you be checking for the remix?

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