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Dave Chappelle’s Brilliant Analogy for How He Escaped Hollywood

As fans, we get frustrated if the object of our fandom walks away at their peak. Michael Jordan going to play baseball broke a lot of hearts in the moment, and in a similar fashion, so did comedian Dave Chappelle when he caught everyone off guard by walking away from a massive pay-day and one of the most successful shows in recent history.

But Chappelle doesn’t seem to measure success the same way as the world, and while Hollywood tried their best to lure him in, he was already content with his life living in a small town located in Ohio. When they tried to actually sink their teeth into him, he took a now infamous trip to Africa to get away from the nonsense and was called crazy for it. I’m not here to cosign his content, but the analogy he applies in the video below is nothing short of brilliant, and it’s about baboons loving salt.

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