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Daily Morning Necessity: How to Better Equip Yourself for the Day

“When you go out to war against your enemies, and see horses and chariots and an army larger than your own, you shall not be afraid of them, for the LORD your God is with you, who brought you up out of the land of Egypt. [Deuteronomy 20:1]

If you are like me, before I even wake up, the day has already begun. The kids are running around and there is work to do. In the past, my immediate response was to hop out of bed, brush my teeth, kiss the wife as she walks out the door, and then pick up where she left off. I didn’t pray until I was pulling up to work after fuming the whole way there after dropping off our daughter at school. A typical morning would have consisted of an argument with our daughter over the difference between a jacket, a sweater, and a coat. By the time I hit the highway my day was off. Work would be a drag and I’d come home as a moping husband. I was defeated. My wife gave me a lot of grace. But why were my days like this?


The truth of the matter is, we must be mindful about how much of our day we honor to God. Even the smallest bit of our day that we do not give to God can be used by the devil to torment the rest of the day. The day feels overwhelming and the opposition becomes mightier than it should. In the aforementioned scripture, God is strengthening the Israelites by reminding them what he has done in the past.

What does this have to do with anything? Great question. If we are fervently in prayer, one of the first parts of prayer is to acknowledge God. In his book, Prayer that Brings Revival where he shares key principles to having the kind of prayer life that will move your mountains, Pastor David Yonggi Cho shares his testimony. He would go to preach in areas where Christianity was not the majority religion, and while he was there, he felt the hindrance and weight of rejection. As a result, he would pray for at least three to five hours. Most of that time would be spent acknowledging God. The reason is, when you have a clear idea in your head of what God has done for you, or what God has brought you through, it is easier to press through the hard places in life.

The frustrations in my life did not begin to change until I began to change my prayer life. Prayer was not missing. It just wasn’t a priority in my life. My priority was getting the kids to school and myself ready for work. The Bible says, “For where your treasure is, there your heart will also be.” What would have helped the Israelites then and has helped me now, is the acknowledgment of God. Understanding that God provides security against the formidable odds of the day, we must acknowledge God before our day even starts. We must command our morning. It is a matter of understanding the authority which will cause the day to line up according to the word of God. You can’t take authority over your battle if you don’t believe in your power.

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Raymond Mills, Sr. is a Master of Divinity candidate at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in Boston, MA. He believes in bringing hope to the fatherless generation and encouragement to those that have lost hope with the word of God. He is a writer for Grow The Heck Up. His blog, Living A Renewed Life, was created to show others your best is yet to come and it is never too late to turn the page. Raymond also serves as a Minister and mentor to other young adults at his home church in Providence, RI. Raymond is married to his best friend, who has blessed him with two beloved children.

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