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Cronzy Pen: The Pen Capable of Drawing Any Color Imaginable

Cronzy Inc. is changing the way artists go about picking the colors they choose to illustrate with. Currently in the funding stage, the Cronzy Pen uses its own ink cartridges to instantly grant access to a potential sixteen-million different colors to choose from using the companion smart phone app. However, even more groundbreaking is the ability to scan the color of literally anything, and then illustrate with it:

Cronzy scan diagram

Cronzy spray canAs impressive as that is, graffiti artists have their own reason to rejoice, as the company is also in the development stages of Cronzy Spray—a spray paint can with the same color capabilities as the pen. No word yet on when to expect it to hit the market.

The Cronzy Pen carries a price tag of $219, but is currently available for $179 as an early bird special. They just started their funding campaign and with two months to go, they are hoping to reach a flexible goal of $200,000.

Watch the video below to see it in action and visit the Indiegogo page to purchase or find more info.

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