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Christian Battle Rapper A.Ward Catches Another Body at the Connects League

Christian battle rappers are making noise and getting recognized for their bar game more than ever. From New York based rapper Th3 Saga being the first Christian to battle on Smack/URL and belonging to the heavy-weight battle rap squad NWX, to Christian rapper Street Hymns going head-to-head with an atheist. Christians are stepping into the square to match wits and bars with secular battle rappers and it’s a trend that doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Christian rapper A.Ward made his debut November 15 at The Connects, the Kansas City based battle league and has been buzzing since. In this one-round face-off against F-Mag, A.Ward raps,

Now, I’m back iller, wit bars, I’m that killer/
So call me a saint like that running back, Spiller/
But I’m a Christian at home and a Christian on-site, shout out Rapzilla/

A.Ward got a great response from the crowd and the facial expressions were priceless. As far as I’m concerned, A.Ward’s last battle was a body. This face off against F-Mag was no different. Facts or Nah? Leave comments!

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