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Atheist Child of Lesbian Couple Reveals the Other Side of the LGBT Rainbow

Millie Fontana, raised an atheist, said she stands with Christians because they’ve been the only ones willing to reflect children’s issues like she had growing up, and stand up for them. Fontana, the donor-conceived daughter of a lesbian couple (that includes her biological mother), said they took something from her— the ability to fully understand her identity by denying her access to and knowledge of her father and her identity in him.

In her profound speech you hear her plea for such children to be allowed to express their need to be raised by both biological mothers and dads without being shamed and called homophobes by the LGBT community. She talks about how “nobody wants to hear about the other side of the rainbow; the side that’s not catered for [sic], that don’t [sic] grow up happy and grow up with a dissenting idea of what a family structure should be.” She reveals the hypocrisy of the LGBT community that teaches about accepting people as they are, yet they limit this to their own agenda and lobbying and want to silence or ignore voices of their children, science and what true equality means. She notes that the roles of the biological father and mother each bring a necessary dynamic to child-rearing.

Fontana publicly expresses that she is a part of the LGBT community and not against homosexual relationships. Still, Fontana states, “Science is being replaced by adult desire the way I see it.” She even scrutinizes how birth certificates have become “documents of intent” rather than historical documents with the biological parents on them for information and heritage.

Take the moment to check out her classic and very interesting delivery.

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