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Charles Barkley’s Frustrating Conversation With Racist ‘Alt-Right’ Leader Richard Spencer

Richard Spencer is the founder of the ‘Alt-Right’ political and ideological movement and is known to those with common sense as a blatant racist. If you aren’t familiar with him or his movement, you’ll understand it clearly after only a few of his absurd statements made in this video. I am assuming this viral footage comes from the six episode TV series that TNT has produced with Charles Barkley entitled The Race Card, where he goes on “a personal journey to explore and understand why our country is so divided right now”.

Frankly, both Barkley and his counterpart conducting the interview showed incredible restraint and patience with the conversation. Their frustration level had to have been off the charts as Spencer is one of those people who is so committed to believing in their own correctness that it doesn’t seem to matter what you say.

In the spirit of Proverbs I’m trying really hard not to be speechless, but to also watch what I say about this because it is infuriating. I am a white male who appreciates your race and mine, but Lord have mercy, these indoctrinated delusional white people genuinely think they can dress their racism up and we won’t know it’s still the same thing. There is a select group of my fellow white people that I would like to address, and I think you’ll know who you are, but you can’t sit behind your keyboard and tell Muslims that it’s their responsibility to check ISIS, and then not look at your own culture and ignore the desperate need to make a bold statement against an idiot like Richard Spencer. The hypocrisy is reaching palpable levels and we have to do better.

Check it out below and let me know what you think in the comments. Be forewarned that profanity is used. For more of my frustrated thoughts on racism you can find a review of Neflix’s ’13th’ documentary here.

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