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Change Is a Process—Be Patient

Just like that, the first month of 2019 is over! By now, some of us are taking inventory on how much we’ve accomplished so far since we were off and running in the new year. As you take self-inventory, you may feel the pressure or frustration of failing to meet some goals or encountering your own stubbornness and past bad habits when trying to fulfill others.

Usually talk about the new year focuses on how much will be done for the year, while the realities of how hard it is sometimes gets overlooked. Recently, I realized more than ever that when you see things in yourself that you want to change, those things are usually accompanied by other habits that influence your way of living.

For example, let’s say you want to get to work on time because you’re tired of struggling with tardiness. Chances are, it’s not just about the time you set your alarm, it’s also the time you go to bed that’ll affect how you get up. Then you may have to deal with what you eat, or what you do on your phone before going to sleep. You can have multiple patterns in your life that lead to the one thing you’re trying to change.

With there being so many factors that affect the pace of the changes you’re attempting to implement into your life, it can get really frustrating when you hit a wall or succumb to the distractions around you. But I really encourage you to be patient with yourself as you walk through this process. The place you’re at in life didn’t occur in a moment, it took time for some of the mental and physical habits you live by to become a part of your life.  It’ll take time to build positive habits all around in your life.

If you have goals to pursue a new career path, workout, pray and read the Scriptures more, whatever those changes are, these things will take time to form in your life. It’s okay if you feel the tension in your life because of the difficulty of change. That’s supposed to happen. But if you feel discouraged and you doubt yourself, you will give away the energy needed to persevere and win.

Change is not an event, but a process, so celebrate your wins and be honest about your shortcomings. You’ll be glad you never gave up when you see the difference it makes in your life.

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