Wednesday , December 2 2020
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Chance The Rapper Goes to Church, Declares End of “Old Life”

It’s almost as if the realm of hip-hop has reached it’s peak level of fakery, and is now searching life for what’s real, leading some of its artists to Christ.  Chance The Rapper becomes the latest artist speaking out on social media regarding his faith and even quoting scripture:

This certainly seems to be more fruit from the growing trend of Christian artists within the rap game shining the light of the Gospel in an art form that has seen more than its fair share of darkness.  I pray for and have faith that God will reveal Himself through this example and many more!

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About Nathan Mathis

Nathan Mathis is affectionately known as Beardo, the bearded weirdo. He is a follower of Christ, a self-made thousandaire, and a lover of Hip-Hop. He currently owns and operates and runs an accounting firm with his father.

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