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Celebrating Five Years of the K.I.N.G. Movement’s NYC Chapter

Last month, I had the privilege of attending the 5th anniversary celebration of the K.I.N.G. Movement’s NYC chapter! K.I.N.G. is a national Christian men’s movement with the purpose and intent of strengthening men in their relationship with God, their brotherhood with each other, and the mission they’re called to in Christ.

Audience at the K.I.N.G. Movement NYC chapter’s 5th anniversary celebration

They fulfill this purpose through scheduled gatherings for fellowship, programs, podcasts, etc. The acronym for KING is Knowledge, Inspiration, & Nurture Through God. The NYC chapter is led by the chapter President Donal Cogdell, also known as hip-hop artist, Reflect. Donal is also the Director of Development for the movement overall, and in the five years since this NYC chapter was launched, a lot has been accomplished and experienced.

One specific accomplishment that was mentioned at the anniversary celebration was the opportunity God opened for them to be involved within the school system, even as a Christian organization, and they were able to be a positive influence to the youth! Along with the youth, adult men have also been served well by this organization.

There are testimonies of restored marriages; men who felt isolated and vulnerable were connected to rich and Spirit-filled community; false ideas of manhood and masculinity were corrected as men were built up by each other and the faith they shared in Christ, and so much more!

The K.I.N.G. Movement is a unique men’s movement with the purpose of serving men and preparing them to serve others. Along with serving men in general, there’s a specific goal of building up black men by celebrating the place Africans have in the Scriptures, challenging false ideas about black men and Christianity, and fortifying these men in the presence of injustice and racism around them.

I’ve listened to the K.I.N.G. podcast where there are interviews with guests who break down history and the Scriptures, and I’ve read articles online that challenge the narrative that says Christianity is a white man’s religion.

There was one other way that I witnessed the heart behind building black men, and that was when Donal introduced a young man named Robert in person at the celebration. It was an honor to see this moment because of the history behind it. When Donal’s project Silence is Betrayal was released in 2013, there was a song that detailed an account of police brutality that Robert endured while Donal was the director at the YMCA over five years ago.

Robert addressing the audience during the anniversary celebration

This is important, because that experience served as a catalyst for Donal to ultimately become the president of the NYC chapter, and ever since that encounter occurred Robert has been a mentee under K.I.N.G. through Donal.

After being involved in this for five years, I asked Donal what has been the most impactful aspect of the K.I.N.G Movement as a leader and he said,

“All that I’ve seen, marriages on the rope restored, from seeing brothers struggling to getting through barriers and breaking down those barriers, to seeing men feeling alone and isolated, and then seeing how they feel when they get connected to a community of brothers just like them. I feel comfort as a reminder to this nation, to this city, of what God’s will really looks like, as a body and a community.”

Here at GrowTheHeck Up, we want to see educated, mature, and informed believers who love God and strive to make an impact. The K.I.N.G. movement is a valuable asset to the body of Christ that impacts men so that they can impact and transform their lives, their families, and their communities to the glory of God. Salute to the NYC chapter for making five years, and by God’s grace may those years be multiplied across generations!

For more info on this movement and ways to get involved, head to KingMovement.com

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