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Evaluating Women for Godly Friendships

In order for women to begin forming healthy relationships with one another, we will need to approach starting a friendship the same way we should approach evaluating a prospective husband. We need to: – Have a set of values by which a potential female friend will be measured by eg: …

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Thirst Traps: The Root of Social Media Narcissism

I used to be one of “those” women. I would look seductively at the camera, angled just right, and take 50 pictures until I got the shot I wanted. I knew when I got that shot and posted it on Instagram or Facebook, my phone notifications would start blowing up …

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The Key to Being a Strong Woman

I obtained three bachelor degrees, a master degree, and a professional license in accounting all while being a single mother. Does this really make me a strong woman? Nope! As a now married woman, if my husband was to ever leave me or leave this Earth (God forbid), I would …

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46 Benefits and Uses for Coconut Oil

Most of us have heard of the health benefits of consuming coconut oil but it has other great benefits, as well. I buy mine at Costco in a two-pack (42.3 fl oz each) and use it to make all-natural deodorant, toothpaste, lip gloss/lip moisturizer, and as a lotion replacement. Check …

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MAKEUP 101: Clean Your Brushes!

  Alright, I hate to admit this, but I’m one of those girls who neglects to clean her makeup brushes but I have some good excuses! – I don’t wear a lot of makeup – It’s time-consuming – They won’t dry by the time I want to use them again …

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Booty Pics and the Delusion of “Celebrating” Your Body

While I was scrolling down my timeline the other day I noticed that several of my Facebook “friends” were sharing a photo posted by Tracee Ellis Ross. It was a collage of pictures of her posing for the camera specifically so that her rear-end would be the subject of the …

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