Saturday , May 26 2018
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Driver Puts Tesla on “Autopilot”, Falls Asleep in L.A. Rush Hour Traffic

Tesla Autopilot

What would you do if you pulled alongside another driver sleeping behind the wheel? Electric automaker Tesla has developed a technology they call “autopilot” that allowed the gentleman in the video below to do just that.  Of course the term autopilot tends to makes us imagine a pilot pushing a button and …

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These Earbuds Translate Foreign Languages On the Fly

The Pilot Earbuds

Have you ever had that awkward moment when you’re speaking English loudly and slower than normal in hopes that it somehow helps someone who doesn’t have a clue what you’re saying, to magically understand it.  Or perhaps you’re like me, and you’ve watched you wife struggle for months through a …

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How Social Media Algorithms Are Making Christians Look Foolish

Online Arguing

I’ve wanted to write this for a couple of weeks now and haven’t had the time, so it’s coincidentally convenient that Facebook was just outed by former employees for letting their sociopolitical views influence what their users get to see on their news feeds. Whether you agree or not with …

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In Just 60 Seconds You Can Add an Electric Motor to Your Bicycle (Video)


Now this is cool.  As more and more people take up residence in metropolitan areas where full size automobiles simply aren’t necessary, the popularity of bicycles has grown rapidly.  Some of us would appreciate the assistance of an electric motor to help us show up to work with a lot less …

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This Power Plant Generates Clean Energy Using Ocean Waves


When I write about tech, I like to highlight ways that technology and God’s design for creation can work together.  Something about that is always fascinating to me. As a former atheist, I’ve often wondered how the world would look if science and religion hadn’t decided they were supposed to be …

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You Can Now Shoot Down Nosey Drones With This Device

Drone featured

The government has no idea what to do about civilians flying drones.  The devices, which come in an incredibly wide range of sizes and shapes, have a lot of great uses.  You can slap a camera on to enhance your music video footage, many people simply enjoy them as a hobby, …

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Inspired by DNA, Scientists Are Storing Data in Water

DNA Storage

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, God is the original designer, and our best attempts only mimic Him or utilize what He has provided. With that being said, this is an absolutely incredible breakthrough in the realm of technology.  To give you an idea of capability of …

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Introducing a Spider Catcher That Could Save Your Life

Critter Catcher

This genius little device catches spiders and other intruding insects, and will be the first “as seen on tv'” item I’ve ever covered.  I can only imagine all the ways it would benefit my life. It would be good for my health to avoid the screams of my wife finding …

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Teleporting to the Other Side of the World Is Now Real. Sort Of


Technology is a funny thing.  It seems to develop faster than the masses can learn how to use it, but far slower than our imaginations depict it in movies.  For example, our exciting visual of hoverboards as seen in Back to the Future turned into a viral video of Mike Tyson crashing a …

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The Last Guy Who Used Water as Fuel Died Mysteriously


There is an interesting video floating around social media of a Brazilian man who was fed up with high gas prices and invented a motorbike that will travel 300 miles on one liter of water.  This seems like an invention with staggering implications right?  Water as fuel??  I’m not scientifically intelligent …

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