Saturday , May 26 2018
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Microsoft Shows Off an Array of Cutting Edge Technology


Over the years, many of us have had a love/hate relationship with Microsoft—mostly due to their Windows operating system. For a long time there wasn’t a lot of great competition and then Apple decided to take the world by storm. Everyone knew it should be the wake up call Microsoft …

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Spotify is Reportedly Very Close to Purchasing SoundCloud


The war for streaming music into your ears continues to rage with the real losers ultimately still the artists. The latest bit of news comes in the form of an acquisition with Spotify being in ‘advanced talks’ to purchase SoundCloud. It may come as a surprise, but both companies are not …

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Find Peace With Muzo—The Mute Button for Real Life


Funny story—I’m pretty sure I’ve self-diagnosed myself as having a brain disorder known as Misophonia. At it’s core, it means that sounds bother you, but for different people it manifests itself in different sounds. For many though, like myself, the ultimate sound of terror is that of someone nearby eating …

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Flood Waters Were No Match for This Guy’s AquaDam


When I hear the word ‘flood’ I tend to immediately think of massive amounts of rushing water swiftly ripping homes off of their foundations. While that definitely can and has happened, anyone who has experienced living in a flood area can tell you that water rising just a couple of …

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Cronzy Pen: The Pen Capable of Drawing Any Color Imaginable

Cronzy pen

Cronzy Inc. is changing the way artists go about picking the colors they choose to illustrate with. Currently in the funding stage, the Cronzy Pen uses its own ink cartridges to instantly grant access to a potential sixteen-million different colors to choose from using the companion smart phone app. However, even …

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Ambulance Drone to Drastically Cut Emergency Response Times

Ambulance drone

I don’t know exactly why, but I am completely fascinated with drones and their potential role within our society. They’ve caused their fair share of incidents resulting in privacy concerns, but have also become a technology that is being explored in hopes of enhancing our daily lives. An obvious example is Amazon’s intention to use …

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You Can Now Buy a Personal Noah’s Ark Called the Survival Capsule


Are you a doomsday prepper? With all the talk about the world ending and prophecies being fulfilled, it’s easy to find yourself thinking about what you would do if some sort of apocalyptic event was upon us. While many people build concrete bunkers under their garages, the makers of the Survival …

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Why Aren’t We Fueling Cars with Hydrogen Yet?

Hyrdrogen hybrid

Do you ever get the feeling that politicians do everything they can to make us believe our cars are going to make the sky fall, and yet do nothing to actually solve the problem? Climate change and global warming are now nothing more than campaign buzzwords. They talk about the issues …

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Kanye West is Developing a Video Game Inspired by His Mother “Entering Heaven”

Kanye Video Game

At the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles (E3 for short), Kanye West premiered an interesting trailer for a new video game he is developing entitled Only One.  The rapper and fashion designer has sought inspiration from his late mother throughout his entire career, and this new venture into the video gaming …

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Former CEO of Mozilla Firefox Brendan Eich is Back with a New Browser

Screen Shot 2016-06-11 at 1.33.00 PM

There’s a new internet browser on the market.  “Whoopty doo. Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge are working just fine,” you might think.  I understand that sentiment.  Many already have a favorite they are comfortable with, or the average user might not even understand the differences well enough to care.  But …

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