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Temple of Baal Coming to a City near You

temple of baal

You may have heard of the soon-to-come replicas of the Temple Of Baal reported by the NY Times and Charisma News. This temple is located in present-day Syria, in the city of Palmyra, and was destroyed by ISIL (or ISIS) in 2015 but left the entrance of it behind. In the …

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Jahaziel Talks Leaving Christianity; Claps Back at Lavoisier

Jahaziel Vine Interview

Former Christian Rapper Jahaziel is back with a two-part interview further explaining his reasons for walking away from the Christian faith.  I’m not trying to beat a dead horse here, but I believe this is an important topic and frankly, there’s some very interesting assertions Jahaziel puts forth here. For …

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Man-to-Man: Assuming the Responsibility to Follow Christ

Portrait of young smiling businessman looking away

As men, there will always be situations to knock you off the mark, but knowing how to submit will get you through. A godly man acknowledges Christ as the absolute leader in life. There must be an “all in” mentality to follow Christ. This takes courage because it requires you …

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“End of Malice” Full Documentary

End of Malice feature pic

For those of us who saw the trailer over a year ago but don’t live in the vicinity of one of the screening events, the time has finally come. In case you’ve been under a rock, the coke-rap megastar turned cross-bearing follower of Christ, No Malice has made a documentary …

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The Priceless Reality of Experiencing Revival


Christian revival on a national scale used to occur fairly regularly.  It wasn’t unusual for a single generation to experience two of them in their lifetime, and yet we haven’t seen one in ours at all. God sends revival upon a nation in order to revitalize the body of Christ. …

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Thi’sl Talks About Being Falsely Accused of Murder (Video)


Man, this will tug at your heart. A false accusation of murder once landed CHH artist Thi’sl in jail, but he walked out freer than when he entered. Check it out: Check out his full story in the newly released autobiography Against All Odds, which he has also dropped a new album …

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The Smartest Person in the Room Might Be the Biggest Fool


Proverbs 18:2, “A fool takes no pleasure in understanding,     but only in expressing his opinion.” You know who you are… The internet is your debate stage and the only goal is to win. Your online habits resemble drug addiction. You learn from people smarter than you, but only your subconscious admits it. …

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How to Rise Up, and Have No Fear


… Rise, and have no fear. [Mat 17:7 ESV] Fear in Greek is phobéō, (fob-eh’-o); which means to frighten, to be alarmed, or afraid. As you may have guessed, this is where we get the word phobia (irrational fear or horror). One cannot help but think, why does God want …

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Why Cee Lo Green Stating “God Is A Woman” is Heretical

Cee Lo Green_quoted

On International Women’s Day, March 8th, HuffPost broke the news that Cee Lo Green released a track in honor of women. This news was different, though, because he made the claim that God is a woman. Needless to say, the view that Green promotes here is very controversial, as well as …

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Da TRUTH & Ravi Zacharias Have an Interesting Conversation Going


Da’ T.R.U.T.H. is on Twitter asking some interesting questions that would seemingly indicate some level of doubt he is struggling with.  Crazy part is, world renowned Christian apologist Ravi Zacharias is answering them, creating one of the more interesting Twitter exchanges I’ve seen.  Call me crazy, but this smells like a …

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