Sunday , March 18 2018
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The Intelligent Design We Rarely Speak of: Sin’s Consequences

Sin Will Find You

As a former evolution-believing atheist, my walk as a believer has been filled with studying a variety of defenses of the faith, a topic better known as apologetics, and one I have thoroughly enjoyed.  Of course another focus has been the study of God’s word as my love for Him …

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How Social Media Algorithms Are Making Christians Look Foolish

Online Arguing

I’ve wanted to write this for a couple of weeks now and haven’t had the time, so it’s coincidentally convenient that Facebook was just outed by former employees for letting their sociopolitical views influence what their users get to see on their news feeds. Whether you agree or not with …

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Lady Gaga Defends Her Faith Against Criticism from Catholic Website

Lady Gaga

Maybe you’re like me and didn’t know this, but Lady Gaga is Catholic and has been pretty open about it in the past.  She once told Larry King, “I am very religious. I was raised Catholic. I believe in Jesus. I believe in God.” Earlier this week she sparked the …

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U2’s Bono & the Creator of “The Message” Discuss “Dishonesty in Christianity”

Bono & Eugene Feat

I guess when you’re Bono you can start a relationship with just about anyone you want, including someone who has no idea you are a pop-rock superstar.  The unlikely bond that has formed between Bono and Eugene Peterson illustrates this. Peterson is a pastor, scholar, poet, and perhaps most notably, the …

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The Phrase “Rest in Peace” and the Power of Cultural Influence


This week, we’ve experienced the loss of three beloved and accomplished entertainers and celebrities. The outpouring of grief has been tremendous. It was one after the other, to the point that it left little room to process and fully reflect on each of them. The loss of former WWE female …

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Meet the ChristianMingle Inspector Who Evaluates New Members (Video)

Christian Mingle

In case you’ve somehow missed all of their three trillion advertisements, is a dating website geared specifically for professing Christians.  Whether or not the potential soulmate you actually meet in person is indeed a follower of Christ may be a different story. No worries though, comedian John Crist, who also …

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Do We Really Understand the Command “Love Thy Neighbor As Thyself”?


Just when I think I’ve discovered the rock bottom depth of what pride has done to human beings, I find another way it has creeped into the makeup of our fallen nature.  I haven’t completely worked this out in my head, but it seems to be related to every sin we …

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Innocent Man Befriends the Cop Who Framed and Sent Him to Prison


Jameel McGee spent four years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit. The year was 2005 in Benton Harbor, Michigan—Jameel  was going about his day as usual when out of the blue, he was accused and arrested for dealing drugs. When Jameel tried to deny his guilt, of course, …

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Plans for the Replica Temple of Baal Entrances Have Changed. Sort Of


Earlier in April my fellow writer here at GTHU, Lamar Gibbs reported on a story that was getting a lot of attention.  Replicas of the entrances to the Temple of Baal were being constructed, with plans being made to have them placed within major cities worldwide, including New York City and London.  The stated motivation …

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Why There Is Joy in Fearing God


You’re newly saved—born again and still wet behind the ears.  You’ve come to realize you’re an awful sinner. And an understanding that God loves you anyway has brought on the realization that sacrificing your life to Him is the only reasonable response.  A desire to follow Him is fueled by nothing …

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