Wednesday , October 18 2017
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Blind Trust: What Does True Faith Look Like?

Closeup of Blind Man Walking With White Cane

The common misconception about faith in God is that it’s something you do blindly, or because somebody told you to do it, therefore it doesn’t apply to everyday life. If it were up to secular society faith would totally disappear as a relic of the past, and society would forever grow …

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New Vice Documentary Explores Christian Music Through Atheist Lens


Armed with a Vice Media film crew, atheist Eric Sundermann set out to make a documentary exploring Christian music through the experience of Creation Festival—a Christian music festival held on Agape Farm, PA widely known as the “Christian Woodstock.” Growing up as a Catholic in Western Iowa, Sundermann’s own story …

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World Renowned Physicist Michio Kaku: “God is a Mathematician”


Michio Kaku is a world-renowned theoretical physicist who has become very recognizable after an abundance of TV appearances on news programs and documentaries for the Discovery Channel, History Channel, and others. He is outspoken and unafraid to challenge the status quo. His latest claim is sure to do just that: …

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Warning Signs You May Be Drifting from God


My God why have you forsaken me! – Matthew 27:46 We often blame God for our misfortunes, but in reality, we are often to blame. That’s right! I am guilty of being a knucklehead as well. It is during these times I feel the most separated from God and foolishly …

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How Prayer Changes Your Brain Structure


I think every Christian believer would agree in saying that we don’t need science to prove the word of God, but you must admit, it’s pretty dope and fascinating to see exactly how and when science supports scripture! You may already know about the many healthy benefits that focused meditation …

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Faith is Holding an Umbrella While Praying for Rain


I tend to dwell on things. I want to understand them completely. When I became a follower of Christ, I realized I had access to truth that would help me understand things like never before. The concepts of repentance, honor, loyalty, hope, love, truth, humility, and many more were all …

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The Paradox of Maturing Toward Childlike Faith


The profoundness of the teachings of Jesus Christ can be measured by the incredible way they catch the human reasoning off-guard of those who are listening. Go read a gospel—it never fails. A great example is in Matthew 18:1-4: At that time the disciples came to Jesus, saying, “Who is the greatest in the …

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Rules of Engagement for Friendship


As I get older many of my relationships have blossomed, others have withered, and there are some that have managed to weather the storms of life. In this time, I have asked myself what role do my friendships play in my life? I have learned you need to have three …

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The Incredible Story of Francis Chan Meeting Jehovah’s Witnesses


Let me tell you why I love this man. My past as a skeptic and atheist has led me as a Christian to research apologetics relentlessly, so when I saw the title of this video I thought I was about to watch Francis provide some elaborate knockdown argument that could intellectually …

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