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The Importance of Showing Compassion to Others


It was early in the morning, and I was finishing the knot in my bow tie when my daughter came rushing in the room. Getting her backpack ready she began crying. I must say, my daughter can be a crybaby at times. Nonetheless, her natural tears melt my heart. She …

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Are Denominations the Real Danger to the Church?


Are denominations necessary? Does denominational cliquing establish the body of Christ as one or does it actually show that what we’re calling the body of Christ is possibly not that at all? The question itself may be offensive to some which is understandable, but the question has to be posed …

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Be Wary of Seeds of Death


Matthew 13 is one of the many parabolic teachings of Christ. The parable speaks of a sower going forth to sow or scatter seed. The seeds fall into divers places, and depending on the conditions of the land where it falls, it either grows or it doesn’t. The seed here …

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Backward Culture: Lies About Manhood & the Need for Worshipful Men


During a recent Periscope, Lavoisier began with an unplanned moment of worship that was powerful. After that moment and before speaking on the topic at hand, he spoke about the need for men in the church to worship more openly. The lack of outward expressions of worship from men has …

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In Light of God’s Sovereignty, It’s Time We Cut Adam Some Slack

Adam Some Slack

Disclaimer: I’m about to delightfully dance with doctrinal topics such as sovereignty and free will, and then more than likely refuse to argue with anyone about it in the comments section. That’s simply not my goal here. I don’t call myself a Calvinist, Arminian, Molonist, or anything else other than …

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Was Mary Really a Virgin?

Black Madonna

For many believers, the virgin birth of Jesus Christ is a given. But there are some who have come to question Mary, Joseph and Jesus’ honor. People who teach against the virgin birth of Jesus Christ are actually calling God a liar because it’s recorded that an angel from the Lord told Joseph of Mary’s pregnancy …

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Homeless in America: What I Learned About Compassion


“I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never be hungry again. Whoever believes in me will never be thirsty.” – John 6:35 Through my fast (which will be finished by the time this gets published), I have been asking for God to break my heart for the …

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There’s Nothing Left to Fear but God — a Lesson from Ravi Zacharias


A few years ago I came across what has become my favorite bit of preaching that I’ve ever heard. It’s an excerpt from a talk delivered by none other than Dr. Ravi Zacharias. If you’ve ever listened to the man, then you know that he is an incredibly gifted speaker …

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