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Larry Wilmore Jokes That Obama and Steph Curry Both Rain Bombs on People

Obama Larry Wilmore

A few nights ago marked the annual occasion for the Presidential Correspondent’s Dinner where politicians, celebrities and anyone considered important enough get a seat at a table for fine dining and entertainment with the leader of the free world.  The night always includes a speech by the president himself, and …

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Mike Huckabee Claims Trump Is the Victim of Professional Paid Protestors


Take this with whatever sized grain of salt you would like.  Frankly, I would suggest that with any mainstream media source on Fox News’ level.  Nevertheless, this is an interesting assertion, and something I’ve been hearing about from more than just mainstream sources. One thing is for sure, anywhere Trump …

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Ben Carson & Donald Trump Agree: Harriet Tubman Wrong for $20 Bill

Ben Carson

Former presidential candidate Ben Carson appeared on Fox News (sounds like the start of a joke, and pretty much is) to voice his opinion regarding Harriet Tubman replacing Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill.  He voices his disapproval, parroting Donald Trump so much so that it almost feels like someone wrote the same …

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Was Hillary Pandering to Black People with Breakfast Club Interview?

Hillary Breakfast Club

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton appeared as a guest on The Breakfast Club.  She labeled Donald Trump dangerous and called him the “Donkey of the Decade”.  She said Bernie Sanders is “over-promising” and doesn’t know how to accomplish what he’s saying he can.  She also voiced her deep pro-choice conviction as a …

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“Hillary’s America” Explores Evils of the Democratic Party (Video)

Hillary's America

I don’t trust either political party.  My political position doesn’t leave room for much hope for the future of our country, but I have more than sufficient hope residing in the finished work of Jesus Christ, and the Sovereignty of God the Father over all nations.  I will probably vote …

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Can We Really Make America Great Again?

Aug. 21. 2015 Mobile, AL, Trump supporters at his campaign pep rally in Ladd Peebles Stadium. These women are all party of the Republican Party and plan to vote for Trump. 
Over 20 thousand came to the Ladd-Peebles Stadium to attend Trumps campaign pep rally. 40,000 were expected to come.

Donald Trump’s slogan “Make America Great Again” gets many people fired up and excited. People are enamored with the idea of taking the country back to when white people had all power, all say, and people of color had none. Now, if you ask someone who’s on the side of …

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Hazakim’s Insightful Perspective as to Whether Trump is a Racist

Trump and the clintons

Every day, political opinions and memes flood our social media timelines, which can get tiresome. Despite the political overload, I want to tell you that I believe following Hazakim is worthy of your time.  For those who don’t know, Hazakim is a CHH rap duo of messianic Jews signed to …

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Carson Endorses Trump and Says He is Not Really Who He Appears to be


Is it just me, or is this presidential election, you know, for the ‘leader of the free world’, beginning to smell like a poorly scripted reality tv show?  There’s so much drama one can hardly keep up, much less tell what bits of info are rumor or fact. For example, the Trump …

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The Hidden Faith of the Founding Fathers pt. 3/12


We’ve all been raised to believe that America was built upon Christian faith and values, but was it really? Catch part 1: and part 2:

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How Can James 5 Influence Your Voting Decisions?


You ever heard the saying that it’s best to be the skinny cow when the butcher shows up?  A cow’s lifespan is typically however long it takes to get it fat enough.  They gluttonously graze, completely oblivious to the fact that this simple act is the catalyst edging them toward …

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