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Planning for Retirement

Couple on chairs on deck of cruise ship

More baby boomers (the large generation born between 1946 and 1964) will be retiring soon. Or will they? A survey from AARP showed that 40% of baby boomers will work until they die. Why is that? Many Americans are not in the position to retire even if they are of …

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4 Ways You Can Begin Investing in the Stock Market Today


Investing is an important part of stewardship and building wealth. If you’re like me, you’ve had the desire to invest in the stock market but haven’t been able to due to the lack of knowing how and where to start. After asking banks, financial advisors, and other well-known establishments, I …

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Can’t Increase Your Income? Here’s How to Keep a Fatter Bank Account

Scissors cutting the word costs concept for recession or credit crisis

In January 2015, the Wall Street Journal released a report by Bankrate that stated three out of five Americans would not have money in their savings to pay for an unexpected car repair or medical emergency. Although many Americans say they have a budget, results like these show that many …

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TD Jakes Teaches from a Biblical Perspective How to Properly Steward Your Finances (Video)

TD Jakes

Does your spending increase when your budget increases? In this video, Pastor T.D. Jakes takes a biblical look at finance and entrepreneurship.  As believers, it’s important to use our God-given gifts and resources for the Kingdom. In February, I created a post on understanding a budget and how to use it (it …

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Rap Group Runs a Credit Card Scam, Then Makes a Song About It

Pop Out Boyz Arrested

It’s hard to even know what to say about this.  Although it’s juvenile and really stupid, I understand that rappers flaunt money and possessions in order to present the image they believe will lead to success.  Frankly, the cat is out of the bag as far as how hip-hop record deals really …

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3 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Starting a Business


Starting a business is an ambitious goal that many have thought about but have not accomplished. Although starting your own business may be part of the American dream, many don’t know where to start. Below are three questions you should ask yourself before starting a small business:   Do I have …

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Forbes Magazine Covers Dee-1 and Provides Student Loan Tips

Dee-1 - Forbes

It’s amazing to me to see what God has done with Dee-1’s song “Sallie Mae Back“.  Although the song itself isn’t explicitly about his faith as a Christian, it has exposed him to millions and I can only imagine how many found the Gospel when trying to learn more about his …

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A Massive Data Leak Has Exposed How the Rich Hide Money

Panama Paper leak

An incredibly massive data leak has occurred which includes 11.5 million documents, at 2.6 terabytes of information, spanning from 1977-2015.  That roughly equates to being 100 times the size of the now famous Wikileaks. What’s even more interesting is the nature of the info, as it seeks to expose how …

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11-Year-Old Girl Lands Million Dollar Deal to Sell Lemonade At Whole Foods


Little Mikaila Ulmer has a big mission—to save the bees—and this 11-year-old entrepreneur has set out to do just that with BeeSweet Lemonade. When Mikaila was 4-years-old she was stung by bees twice within the same week and became afraid of them. “I didn’t enjoy the bee stings at all. They …

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3 Reasons You’re Still Living Paycheck-to-Paycheck


Living paycheck to paycheck is a concept many can relate to. It doesn’t matter if you’re a three job hustler, 9-5 grinder, career professional, or a broke college student. Most people have lived this type of lifestyle but few know how to break free from it. Below are three reasons you’re still living paycheck-to-paycheck, and a couple …

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