Sunday , March 18 2018
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Macklemore and Obama Have Teamed up to Fight the Drug Addiction Crisis Obamacare Has Contributed To

Macklemore and Obama

As a Christian I struggle with some of Macklemore’s music.  He’s very vocal about his belief in God, but some content contradicts Christ and he takes God’s name in vain without hesitation. Nevertheless, as someone who has struggled with addiction, his song “Otherside” struck a strong chord with me because …

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What is True American Patriotism? (Part 1)


I am an American citizen. For many, that would mean “I am a legally recognized citizen of the greatest and most successful country on earth in the history of mankind”. Now, when that statement is made, it generally carries the notion of the successes inherited from the Industrial Revolution, the perceived …

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Man-to-Man: Modeling Christ for Your Children

A healthy and happy mixed race family

1 Kings 16 introduces us to King Omri, the father of Ahab. King Omri ruled Israel for 12 years and bought a hill and named it Samaria.  Omri was wise, strategic, and progressive. He brought Samaria to a point of peace and prosperity. He had total control over the new …

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How to Love a Married Man


As women of high standard, we should always be very mindful of how we behave around another woman’s husband. We often end up disrespecting a man and his observant wife without realizing it because: We have not been taught better. The (very) liberal (and ungodly) media has ill-shaped our minds and behavior. …

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The Phrase “Rest in Peace” and the Power of Cultural Influence


This week, we’ve experienced the loss of three beloved and accomplished entertainers and celebrities. The outpouring of grief has been tremendous. It was one after the other, to the point that it left little room to process and fully reflect on each of them. The loss of former WWE female …

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Man-to-Man: The Role of a Husband


Prior to grasping an understanding of what a godly husband is, my standards had flaws. It was based on my own interpretation and I compared myself to other husbands. And it was a method for disaster. One day, I met with my Pastor and he held me to 2 verses: “Husbands, …

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3 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Starting a Business


Starting a business is an ambitious goal that many have thought about but have not accomplished. Although starting your own business may be part of the American dream, many don’t know where to start. Below are three questions you should ask yourself before starting a small business:   Do I have …

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5 Ways Men Disrespect You (And You Don’t Even Know It)


It’s no secret that it is disrespectful for a man to call an honorable woman a “bitch” and the average woman would also agree that it’s disrespectful for a man to physically abuse her. What many of us don’t realize is that men disrespect us without us even noticing.  Here …

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Erykah Badu Receives Backlash on Twitter for an Issue More Moms Should Be Discussing


I have always admired Erykah Badu. Why? Because she has never conformed to society’s norms or ideals. Her mind seems to operate on its own unique frequency and she doesn’t care what people think of her. That’s part of what makes her awesome. Last night, she lit Twitter up with …

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A World Renowned US Hospital Gave E-Cigarettes to Patients


The Mayo Clinic is arguably the most respected hospital in the United States due to their published findings from their extensive medical research.  When they talk, everyone listens. Recently they noticed a much higher rate of complications in surgical patients who are smokers and decided to do something about it.  A research experiment …

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