Thursday , February 22 2018
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Glenn Beck: Top Trump Advisor with White Nationalist Ties Is “a Nightmare” (Video)


Conservative commentator Glenn Beck called President-elect Donald Trump‘s choice for a top adviser, Steve Bannon, who has ties to the white nationalist movement, a “nightmare.” Bannon is the executive chairman of Breitbart News, a politically conservative American news, opinion and commentary website noted for its connection to the alt-right. Bannon …

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Black Guns Matter: Activist Aims to Educate Citizens About Guns


Black Lives Matter? All Lives Matter? Blue Lives Matter? How about Black Guns Matter. 29-year-old Philadelphia activist and artist Maj Toure has created a firearms safety and training organization aimed at educating people about guns and their Second Amendment gun rights as American citizens. Who does Toure want to educate, …

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Bill Maher Says Trump Proves Evangelicals Are Shameless Hypocrites


Bill Maher, political commentator, media critic and staunch atheist has an interesting perspective on the evangelical Christian relationship with and to Donald Trump. Does support for Donald Trump weaken the moral position of evangelicals voters and the GOP also known as the “moral majority?” Whatever your position or political affiliation, …

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Bizzle Releases Strong Statement on Why He Didn’t Vote


God Over Money founder Bizzle took to social media this morning to vent his thoughts on Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and how Christians are handling the situation. As you’ll read, he didn’t vote but had he been forced to, he would have chosen Trump. Let me know in the comments …

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Maybe You Should Get Off the Election Bus


So, the election is finally finished! You casted your vote on Nov 8th. Probably awoke a few hours earlier than usual to go and stand in front of some school or community center to get there as early as possible to make it into the booth before heading to work. …

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Why I Stopped Taking Selfies

Woman taking self-portrait  from vintage 4x6 film camera .

I used to love taking pictures of myself when I thought I looked particularly good, or when I would go to an event, that was a good excuse to take a selfie. Shoot, any day I had makeup on was a good day to take a selfie! When I was …

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Modesty Is A Gift: A Sincere Message to Women from Men (Video)


It isn’t often we hear from men pleading to women to dress modestly. In fact, it isn’t common to hear messages on modesty, period. But when these messages hit the ‘net, oh boy, watch out. There is this new movement I have noticed where everyone wants to relieve women of their responsibility …

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Prophetic Instructions for the Election


On October 30th, Pastor John Carter of Abundant Life Christian Center in Syracuse NY shared his heart about the election. Included in this message are multiple prophetic messages that were given through late last year, beginning on December 30th 2015. In every presidential election, we have many who claim prophetic …

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Try Not to Cry: Prison Inmates Meet Their Children for the First Time (Video)


I had no idea the kind of blessing I was walking into when I came across this amazing video! It brought so many tears to my eyes as I watched. Prison ministries aren’t the most visible in society, but they provide some of the most impactful opportunities for change in …

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