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Try Not to Cry: Prison Inmates Meet Their Children for the First Time (Video)

I had no idea the kind of blessing I was walking into when I came across this amazing video! It brought so many tears to my eyes as I watched. Prison ministries aren’t the most visible in society, but they provide some of the most impactful opportunities for change in …

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How Being Encouraged Can Hurt Your Feelings

When believers seek to be encouraged, they usually expect to hear things like, “You can do it! God’s got your back!” or “Hang in there! Everything is going to be alright!” To them, to be encouraged means to feel good about themselves or to feel supported in their endeavors. What they …

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Man-to-Man: Modeling Christ for Your Children

1 Kings 16 introduces us to King Omri, the father of Ahab. King Omri ruled Israel for 12 years and bought a hill and named it Samaria.  Omri was wise, strategic, and progressive. He brought Samaria to a point of peace and prosperity. He had total control over the new …

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Man-to-Man: The Role of a Husband

Prior to grasping an understanding of what a godly husband is, my standards had flaws. It was based on my own interpretation and I compared myself to other husbands. And it was a method for disaster. One day, I met with my Pastor and he held me to 2 verses: “Husbands, …

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Idolatry: When Children Idolize a Parent

No, I’m not a parent, so let’s establish that right now.  I am, however, a youth minister who constantly observes the good, bad, and ugly of parent/child relationships.  I was also a child who idolized a parent.  If you, as a parent, have a different perspective on what I’m about to share, …

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How to Stop Fighting Over Money

The millennial generation is typically classified by those who are born between the early 1980s and the early 2000s. According to a recent AICPA survey, 88% of millennial couples say financial decisions are a source of tension in their partnerships. In addition, half of them say that money matters come …

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