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Don’t Let ‘Meme Theology’ Rob You of Having Healthy Relationships


With the rise of meme-empowered social media, we now have an onslaught of hundreds of memes crossing our paths on a weekly basis. They range from hilarious, vain, ratchet, dismal, informative, inspirational, and everything else in between. Amongst these various memes, we are bombarded with many that present hard-hitting biblical …

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The Value of Having a Man’s Trust


One of the most precious and honorable things a woman can have care of is her husband’s heart that trusts in her. And a man who trusts in his wife should see good as a fruit of his trust, not pain. This means the man must choose carefully who he places his …

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Parenthood: How to Raise Children Without Damaging Them


Parenthood is extremely challenging. It exposes who people are when they think no one else is watching. Some parents and guardians may forget that children are always perceiving them from angles they may have never imagined about themselves—good and bad. Quite often, children suffer many hurts and become damaged due to the sins and …

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Try Not to Cry: Prison Inmates Meet Their Children for the First Time (Video)


I had no idea the kind of blessing I was walking into when I came across this amazing video! It brought so many tears to my eyes as I watched. Prison ministries aren’t the most visible in society, but they provide some of the most impactful opportunities for change in …

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How Being Encouraged Can Hurt Your Feelings


When believers seek to be encouraged, they usually expect to hear things like, “You can do it! God’s got your back!” or “Hang in there! Everything is going to be alright!” To them, to be encouraged means to feel good about themselves or to feel supported in their endeavors. What they …

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