Sunday , December 17 2017
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Is Anyone Racially Pure? Your True Heritage Might Surprise You (Video)


Throughout my entire life I have always been asked, “What are you?” My response has always been, “Native American” however, I am most often asked if I am Hispanic or Italian. Others I have heard are Indian, Puerto Rican, Armenian, and even mixed with black. I have had Hispanics walk …

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Black Guns Matter: Activist Aims to Educate Citizens About Guns


Black Lives Matter? All Lives Matter? Blue Lives Matter? How about Black Guns Matter. 29-year-old Philadelphia activist and artist Maj Toure has created a firearms safety and training organization aimed at educating people about guns and their Second Amendment gun rights as American citizens. Who does Toure want to educate, …

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Dave Chappelle on Trump & Race in Tv Return on Saturday Night Live

Dave Chappelle in a 'Walking Dead' skit on Saturday Night Live

Dave Chappelle makes his television return in classic Chappelle fashion. Watch as Dave Chappelle hilariously weighs in on the presidential election, Donald Trump, the history of race in America and the climate since the election. As I watched and laughed at Chappelle, I have to say I was caught off …

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Why I Stopped Taking Selfies

Woman taking self-portrait  from vintage 4x6 film camera .

I used to love taking pictures of myself when I thought I looked particularly good, or when I would go to an event, that was a good excuse to take a selfie. Shoot, any day I had makeup on was a good day to take a selfie! When I was …

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The Butterfly Effect Is Scientific & All of Your Choices Matter


Perhaps the extent of your familiarity with the Butterfly Effect goes no further than an Ashton Kutcher movie. Perhaps you didn’t know it is actually an established scientific law. A simple description goes like this: If a butterfly flaps its wings on one side of the earth, it could send …

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3 Major Insights I Learned Over the Years While Engaging in Black Outrage of Police Brutality


Another unarmed black person killed by the police? Ok, let’s see how this plays out. Media reports killing. Policeman who does the killing is sent home on administrative leave. Even after video evidence or witness testimony saying or showing contrary, the officer is ruled to have done nothing wrong. Black people are outraged, but …

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The Staggering Difference Between American & German Prisons


My wife is currently studying Criminal Justice and I’ve been studying vicariously through her. It’s interesting to read about the different strategies used by our prison system, and frankly it’s also interesting to read textbooks pointing out flaws or at least potential areas of improvement. Everyone knows our prisons are …

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Lecrae Declares Black Lives Matter in Open Letter to Supporters


Lecrae has penned a new open letter to his fans and supporters through The Huffington Post where he covers how the pains of humanity, specifically in the area of racism have been ‘draining’ him. Check it out: I was once told you shouldn’t waste time explaining yourself to people bent …

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Bizzle Details His Real Experiences with Racism to DJ Wade-O


Blanket statements and generalizations made about any people group are harmful, and I also believe are in direct violation of what the Bible teaches us about controlling our speech and tongues. I’ve seen so much of it on social media lately that it’s enough to make one hope the internet …

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