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California Police Release Statement Regarding Democratic Convention

The Republican National Convention is over. Despite the serious issues facing our country, the current state of politics and news media have left the focus on Melania’s plagiarism, Ted Cruz being booed off stage, and a bunch of fairly pale looking people holding “Latinos for Trump” signs. If you’re a fan of this type of reality television, then fear not as the Democratic convention kicks off tonight and is shaping up to be a similar type of circus. At this pace I’m going to need a professional infographic just to comprehend all the drama surrounding both parties.

DNC Fence
Reporter outside of newly erected fence surrounding site of DNC

An email hack has revealed that democratic leadership conspired with Hillary to sabotage Bernie Sanders who interestingly enough is set to speak at the convention tonight. Add that to her already well-documented email controversy and it seems the wise decision would be to pull the plug and keep her off of the internet altogether. Another interesting feature of the convention being held in Philadelphia is that a four-mile long fence has been erected around the entire convention center. I’m struggling to wrap my head around what that means, exactly, or why it has happened, other than my juvenile hope that a surprise WWE style cage match is planned between Sanders and Clinton with the winner taking the nomination.

One of the more serious allegations currently facing politicians is that there is “blood on their hands” from the recent acts of violence we’ve seen in our country. With race relations and the role of police hotly debated, both candidates, President Obama, and the news media are all being accused of rhetoric that has divided the American people. One particular example comes in the form of a statement by the California Fraternal Order of Police, which reads,

“The membership of the California Fraternal Order of Police stands in solidarity with the Pennsylvania FOP State Lodge membership and with our brothers and sisters in Philadelphia FOP Lodge 5 and share their shock and disgust over the controversy caused by the Democratic Party’s insensitive choice of speakers at their upcoming convention.

This unnecessary and pandering move by the Democratic National Party is exactly what the country does not need. People are already questioning the role of law enforcement without being tossed into the political cross hairs in the hopes of simply winning an election.”

I actually agree with what they are saying, and think it is important that we acknowledge the rather obvious ways that politicians and news outlets attempt to manipulate us on a regular basis. Nevertheless, at what point are we, the citizens, going to start holding ourselves accountable. I know we should hold them accountable, but I can’t help but think that maybe we’re setting ourselves up as easy targets for manipulation.

I’m talking about the kind of accountability that begins on an individual basis and makes us say to ourselves, why am I allowing an agenda to mold my beliefs and cause me to look at entire groups of people as though they are my enemy? We need to hold ourselves accountable to a love that transcends foolish divisions. Once we handle ourselves we can help others see the need to do the same.

Personal change is the only way we can overcome this nonsense. Our two-party political system seems on the verge of implosion. To me, the saddest thing would be to watch the American people follow their example.

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