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Breekay x Kasairi Team up with Producer Egomi for “Can We Fall”

My favorite music duo, Breekay x Kasairi teamed up with music producer Egomi to create new pop song, “Can We Fall”. The vocals are beautiful, as we have come to expect from these two, and the melody is catchy. I love it!

I was curious to know how this song came about so I reached out to Kasairi who graciously provided me with a little background,

“…Egomi moved to California and we went to visit him and that’s how it all started. Egomi just started playing a chord progression on his guitar, Bree added a line she had prior to us even meeting with him, “You’re the break after the bend, how much farther will we fall?” and I added, “What’s it gonna take?”. Bree wrote the rest rather quickly and production by Egomi was fire. Bree wanted me on the vocals and that’s how “Can We Fall” was made!”

Breekay x Kasairi have released two EP’s—Over throne and Assassins — both definitely worthy of a listen! Check out “Can We Fall” and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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