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“Beleaf in Fatherhood” is the YouTube Show Restoring Hope in Family

For their hip-hop fans, the trio of the Dream Junkies going their separate ways can certainly seem unfortunate. For whatever reason, they simply seemed to outgrow the situation as it led to individual opportunities. John Givez seems dead eye focused on the music, Ruslan is delivering great music while pouring himself into others with music industry advice, and Beleaf has taken the YouTube thing and gone in a totally different direction.

What started as a dad taking amusing cell phone videos of his kids has turned into a swiftly growing YouTube channel displaying the realities of fatherhood in such an inspiring way that it’s building hope for families in a culture that tends to go against them. When you put it in that proper context, it’s easy to see how important this is and why it’s captivating hundreds of thousands of eyes and ears.

Ruslan brought his friend into an interview to discuss the success of this new direction he’s exploring. Watch below and be inspired. I’ve also included the most watched episode of Beleaf in Fatherhood to date below that.

As an important side note, Beleaf actually just experienced his car, three car seats, and a stroller being stolen. There is a GoFundMe campaign, which, at the time of this post, is getting pretty close to reaching it’s goal. If you can help this family out and push that goal over the top, click here to support.

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