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Battle Rap “GOAT” Daylyt Wants to Team up with Bizzle to Defeat Lil Uzi?

In an interesting series of tweets it would seem that rap artist and battle specialist Daylyt would love to “defeat” Lil Uzi by teaming up with Christian Rapper and God Over Money founder Bizzle. If you are unfamiliar Daylyt, here’s a bio from a battle rap wiki:

Widly known as the GOAT. The Greatest Of All Time Daylyt. One of the most controversial and entertaining battlers of this era. He started to bring some extra flair & gimmicks along with his bars to get views. Daylyt kept being judged on the amount of views he had instead of the content of his bars, and undressing himself in front of one of the top UK rappers from Leeds, Dialect. He claims to be a Grape Street Crip. He has a tattoo on his face inspired by the comic book character Spawn.

It actually all started with a back-and-forth competitive discussion being had between he and Christian Battle Rapper A. Ward. If you can recall in his battle with DNA, A. Ward took a shot at both of them,

“Why are you up here battling me, the thought of lyt had you seeking shade?

Speaking of Davone, you can chill with the blaspheming ways

or catch this 30 (3-0) day fast like you need a plate”

Davone Campbell (DayLyt’s real name), and A. Ward said the reference was to him dressing up in all black as Jesus for his Blackout promo video. As an A. Ward fan myself, I happily admit that I would love to see that matchup so it didn’t bother me to see the banter fire back up on Twitter,

At a certain point the discussion took a surprising direction,

As of post time Bizzle hasn’t shown any interest in accepting what’s probably a rather surprising offer. He simply appreciated the acknowledgment,

Frankly, you all know my opinion—Biz doesn’t need any help exposing anyone’s nonsense, and even if he did, he’s already built a roster of artists who could easily handle anything thrown at them. Click this if you don’t believe me.



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