Tuesday , June 19 2018
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Giannine Commodore

Giannine Grace Commodore is a writer, photographer, outdoor explorer and the senior editor for GrowTheHeckUp. Most importantly, she’s a Mom to 7, striving to promote virtue, modesty, & healthy Christ-centered relationships.

10 Ways Your Parents Lied to You About Your Body


Did you ever hear any of these commonly told myths when you were growing up? Or do you say them now to your own children? I’m guilty of repeating a few of these to my own children over the years. But hey, we can now have peace knowing there isn’t …

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Christian Country Music Singer Coffey Anderson: What To Do When You Get Pulled Over (Video)

Coffey Anderson

In light of the recent killings of black men by police officers, Christian country music singer, Coffey Anderson has made a short video showing us what to do when we get pulled over by the police to diffuse the situation and attempt to keep tensions at a minimum:

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Thirst Traps: Christian Women on Social Media

C8J73F Girl smiling using laptop

I have noticed for awhile that some of the most followed social media accounts within the body of Christ are those of beautiful, seductive Christian women. That doesn’t sound right, does it? ‘Seductive’ should not be an adjective that anyone should be able to use to describe a Christian woman. …

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The Dangers of Fluoride Exposure and How to Avoid It

fluoride toxicity

People are not as accepting as they used to be of the mandated fluoridation of our water supplies. Many in the medical, dental, and toxicology fields are warning against the addition of fluoride in our food and water. In addition, fluoride is not FDA approved. What is Fluoride? There are …

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The Effects of Dehydration and Overhydration on Your Body and Brain

water glass

As the mother of seven children, I find myself regularly ensuring my children are drinking enough water. I very rarely ever buy drinks at the store and I would say 99% of our beverage consumption in our home is water. The other 1% is non-dairy milk over cereal. But even …

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Has Google Manipulated its Search Results for Hillary Clinton?


“The intention is clear—Google is burying potential searches for terms that could  have hurt Hillary Clinton in the primary election over the past several months by manipulating recommendations on their site.” Watch the video to see what they’ve uncovered:

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Rapist Brock Turner’s Case is a Perfect Example of Classism and Racism in America’s Justice System

brock turner

On January 18, 2015, Brock Turner was arrested after two people passing by found him on top of an intoxicated, unconscious woman. June 2, 2016 Turner was convicted of three felonies, including intent to rape which carries a maximum sentence of fourteen years. A California judge decided that a stiff …

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Qheem the Redeemed: “Jesus or Nah” (Official Video)


Qheem of Hogmob just dropped the official video for his song “Jesus or Nah” and man is it fire! I mean, this is one of those songs that you want to put on repeat and ride to all day. The vibe of the song and video has a good, fun …

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