Wednesday , December 2 2020
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Nathan Mathis

Nathan Mathis is affectionately known as Beardo, the bearded weirdo. He is a follower of Christ, a self-made thousandaire, and a lover of Hip-Hop. He currently owns and operates and runs an accounting firm with his father.

There’s Nothing Left to Fear but God — a Lesson from Ravi Zacharias

A few years ago I came across what has become my favorite bit of preaching that I’ve ever heard. It’s an excerpt from a talk delivered by none other than Dr. Ravi Zacharias. If you’ve ever listened to the man, then you know that he is an incredibly gifted speaker …

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God Used My Divorce to Redefine Love as a Verb

There I sat, reeling in the aftermath of a whirlwind divorce I never saw coming. Honestly, I only had to ask God once to settle forgiveness in my heart and He provided immediately as only He can. That was an incredible blessing, but moving forward I faced a new battle …

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Why Legendary Running Back Bo Jackson Wishes He Never Played Football

As an 80’s baby, Bo Jackson was my hero. The world had never seen an athlete like him and possibly still hasn’t. He’s a living legend—a Heisman trophy winner and the only athlete in history to be an All-Pro in the NFL and an All-Star in Major League Baseball. I will …

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Eshon Burgundy Dismisses Political Chatter with Biblical Truth

As most of you know, the time for farewell has come for President Barack Obama. Frankly, I haven’t been a fan since watching him mock the Sermon on the Mount, but I was rooting for him as president, as I believe any logical American would do. Like most people trying to avoid …

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If 2016 Sucked, God Won’t Waste Your Pain

I began 2016 by asking God to break me by any means necessary in order to mold me moving forward. Beyond my wildest imagination He did. I would tell you to be careful what you wish for, but I’d rather explain why I’m writing this to tell you that I …

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Nucci Reyo Features Th3 Saga in Documentary Pilot for Revolt TV

Nucci Reyo is not a CHH veteran, he’s a hip-hop veteran with a list of credits for working in the mainstream scene, including ghostwriting for Diddy at one point. In conjunction with New Jersey based talent agency Righteous Talent, he has been afforded the opportunity to pitch a show for Revolt TV …

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This “Shake-Free” Spoon Overcomes Embarrassing Hand Tremors

Praise God that this is one of those items the overwhelming majority of us don’t need. While most of us are thoroughly enjoying our meals, there are some who dread the socially isolating shame of trying to eat while suffering from hand tremors. This one hits home for me as …

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Propaganda Explains How Our Country is Repeating Racism

Propaganda spoke passionately about race relations in a new interview with 247HH. To be honest, I almost didn’t watch or post it. I keep listening to people speak on this topic but it doesn’t feel like we’re getting anywhere with a solution. The magnitude of this multi-generational issue can leave you …

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Denzel Washington Destroys the Media by Explaining Effects of Too Much Information

Courtesy of WikiLeaks, the corruption of mainstream media has been brought to light for all to see. It has been factually proven that political candidates were given debate questions in advance, and government agencies are even provided with access to edit news articles about them before they are published. In other …

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