Sunday , October 20 2019
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Lamar Gibbs is a writer and content creator from Queens, New York. He’s been published on multiple platforms (Jam The Hype, Wade-O Radio, Culture & God, etc.) He's currently building on a vision God placed on his heart called Thoughts Of Redemption—a blog with the purpose of celebrating the process of thought and God's hand in it—"Change your thinking because He changed your life".

Kanye West, Sunday Service, and the Pursuit of Faith

Since earlier this year, Kanye West has created and hosted gatherings on Sundays which he’s dubbed “Sunday Service.” These gatherings have drawn heavy crowds wherever they’ve been held, and have consistently caused a variety of responses, ranging from curiosity to outright skepticism and mockery. For me, I didn’t really pay …

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Why Would God Command Us to Magnify Him?

There are some things about God and what He asks us to do that don’t really make much sense to us when we think about it. One thing that I believe stands out for many of us are the commands that God has given for us to magnify Him. I …

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What does it Mean to be Rooted and Grounded in the Love of Christ?

Some time has passed since I’ve published content on GrowtheHeckUp and in the time that I’ve been away, I’ve intentionally spent more time with the Father. In this summer season, a season that is marked by a lot of activities, I’ve experienced a time of devotion, introspection, study, recalibration, and …

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Christ Has Risen! What Does That Mean for Us?

This past Sunday, Christians around the globe celebrated the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the reality of Christ’s resurrection never loses its wonder because of what it means. We have a tendency to diminish our physical reality in favor of a non-physical reality, and we do it in …

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The Practice of Giving Thanks will Transform Your Prayer Life

Prayer is so important for us as believers, and it’s one of the most powerful experiences we have when talking to God. It can be mysterious to us as well if we admit it, because of the many ways we engage God in prayer. I’ve written about prayer  before, but …

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Celebrating Five Years of the K.I.N.G. Movement’s NYC Chapter

Last month, I had the privilege of attending the 5th anniversary celebration of the K.I.N.G. Movement’s NYC chapter! K.I.N.G. is a national Christian men’s movement with the purpose and intent of strengthening men in their relationship with God, their brotherhood with each other, and the mission they’re called to in …

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God is Good, Even When Evil Surrounds Us

Recently, I read the book of Zephaniah after realizing I hadn’t read it in awhile. It was written by the prophet Zephaniah, where God proclaims the judgments that were coming to the nation of Israel, as well as Moab, Assyria and others. It’s a pretty short book with only three chapters, …

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Black History Month: The Power of a True Narrative

During the month of February, African-American history is remembered, commemorated, and celebrated under the banner of Black History Month. Today is February 26th, the same day that Carter G. Woodson started the celebration of Negro History Week, which was the precursor to Black History Month that’s celebrated today. Carter pushed …

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