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Chealsea Hayes, originally from Denver, CO is an addiction counselor, athlete, author and youth mentor in Lafayette, LA where she resides with her husband, Korey. She aims to marry her gift of teaching and writing with her passion for Christ to present biblical concepts in a fresh, relevant and applicable manner.

Don’t Let ‘Meme Theology’ Rob You of Having Healthy Relationships

With the rise of meme-empowered social media, we now have an onslaught of hundreds of memes crossing our paths on a weekly basis. They range from hilarious, vain, ratchet, dismal, informative, inspirational, and everything else in between. Amongst these various memes, we are bombarded with many that present hard-hitting biblical …

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The Imagination as Explained by Neuroscience and the Bible

Our imaginations are responsible for conjuring up new ideas, creative solutions, and just about anything ingenious and innovative that can be thought of. Many times, its use is reserved for the context of either child’s play or artistic geniuses. It is the creative juice of which some have great amounts …

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Lessons of Social Justice From Moses

No matter when your Christian journey started, most would likely agree that the story of Moses and the Israelites was one of the first Bible stories learned. It’s basic introductory literature of the faith. However, in this article I want to highlight a few lessons that your Sunday school teacher …

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How Prayer Changes Your Brain Structure

I think every Christian believer would agree in saying that we don’t need science to prove the word of God, but you must admit, it’s pretty dope and fascinating to see exactly how and when science supports scripture! You may already know about the many healthy benefits that focused meditation …

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Should Christians Worry About Offending Others on Social Media?

  We are living in an age where practically every effort is made by western, 21st century culture to make Jesus seem as warm, fuzzy, comfortable, inviting, and acceptable to everyone as possible. We advise fellow Christians to “pray before you post” lest they somehow “make matters worse” or offend …

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How Your DNA is Altered Through Your Thoughts & Choices

Did you know that our thoughts take up actual “real estate” in our brains and have the ability to arrange and rearrange our DNA makeup, affecting not only us but our future generations? Both science and scripture confirm this ideology. Crazy thought, right? Albeit somewhat concise, let’s attempt to unpack this deeply …

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How Your Spirit, Soul, and Body Are Connected

We already know that God is triune (Father, Son, Holy Spirit), so it shouldn’t come as a surprise to realize that we, having been created in His image and according to His likeness, are also triune beings: You are a SPIRIT who has a SOUL and lives in a BODY. …

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