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Are You Drifting Away from God? Here ‘s How to Change That

Consistency is the strength of every relationship, and our relationship with God is no different. It can be easy to get off track with so many distractions and temptations though. There’s a song by KB titled “Art of Drifting”, from his recent album release entitled Today We Rebel. It is a powerful song that describes how easy it is to drift away from the faith little by little as we compromise on the convictions we once lived by, leaving us in a place of regret due to the consequences of sin in our lives.

We can be aware of the danger of drifting away, and still get drawn away from our close and intimate relationship with God without realizing it. If you are in that place, I want to encourage you in your faith. Even if you haven’t drifted but you want to be more diligent and intentional when it comes to your relationship with God, I just want to list a few things you can practice in life,

  • If you find yourself so busy that you don’t have time to pray, read the Bible, and worship God by yourself, take personal inventory of how you use your time and find time.  Schedule time with God, but have a grace-filled perspective on this. Meaning, don’t try to schedule the amount of time that you think a deeply spiritual person would usually schedule. Schedule 10-15 minutes intentionally at least once a week that you’ll use to spend it with God. Alternate between devotionals, worship, and prayer.
  • Next, stop beating yourself over this. It’s okay because God never stops drawing you to Himself, and He never leaves you nor forsakes you.
  • As much as you would and should pray that God would change you, I really encourage you to pray for others. I believe that when you intercede and petition God regarding others around you, your sensitivity to your environment and people increases. That, in turn, changes your motivations and what you do around those same people.
  • Go back to the verses you love and read the chapters they’re in. Then, when you’re ready, learn about the time the book was written in and the purpose of it also. This will help you get deeper understanding and increase your desire for the knowledge and wisdom God’s word was designed to give.

These are a few ways you can draw back to the Father if you’ve experienced this drifting in your life. There’s more that I haven’t mentioned, including surrounding yourself with others who pursue God, as well. Your drifting may have resulted in apathy, or it may have led to living contrary to His ways in a way you never would’ve imagined. But God desires that you to draw close to Him, and He is your ever-present help when you repent and pursue Him again. God really loves you beyond what you can imagine. Don’t ever believe the lie that you’re too far away.

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