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Are too many American Christians Compromising the Word of God?

Recently, Kim Burrell faced backlash from the so-called American Christian culture regarding whether she was in the right spirit when someone took only part of a message that she had given at a recent church gathering about homosexuality. What most concerns me is the stance of some who claim to be followers of God’s word, yet at the same time, seem to be against the overt Commandments and warnings of the scripture.

The full context of what she said was that if they continue in their homosexual lifestyle, it will lead them to Hell. Now, who can read this article, assess that statement, disagree with it and still believe that they have the spirit of God in them? Unfortunately one too many! It seems that a great many of us in the church are losing our stance of unwavering faith and belief in the infallibility of God’s word to our perceived allegiance to American culture.

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The current president-elect had a slogan in the last election, “Make America great again” which had many asking, “When was it ever great?” Many Christians of the Evangelical and other wings of American church culture hold out hope that this country will eventually be overrun with the spirit of God under the false notion that this place was once “God country” and that the founding fathers built it on allegiance to the God of Heaven.

Because of this, I believe too many give a pass to the blatant evils that are committed every day and believe that when one points out clearly what God’s word says about societal activities that are against His desire for us, even some church folks blow the bigot trumpet at those who are supposed to be their fellow servants in the faith. The words of Jesus to his own disciples in His time on earth about the fellow religious segment of their own flesh and blood nation was this: “They shall put you out of the synagogues: yea, the time cometh, that whosoever killeth you will think that he doeth God service.” John 16:2

I am very alarmed because the church has a history of armed conflict with one another in this country. There is nothing new under the sun according to the words of Solomon. I’m afraid of the possibility that there are those who have such an allegiance to the American idea first, that Christians who boldly stand on the truth of God’s word against this country would be physically hurt, persecuted, and publicly slandered.

Could something like this be possible? I pray we wouldn’t even have to find out, but with the current climate of Christians being divided on the truth of God’s word, I put nothing past human beings, even if they cloak themselves with the claims of being righteous before God.

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