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A World Renowned US Hospital Gave E-Cigarettes to Patients

The Mayo Clinic is arguably the most respected hospital in the United States due to their published findings from their extensive medical research.  When they talk, everyone listens.

Recently they noticed a much higher rate of complications in surgical patients who are smokers and decided to do something about it.  A research experiment was set up with the goal of finding out if e-cigs could help patients drastically reduce or eliminate tobacco consumption.  The results were promising.

cigarettes-alcohol-390x285I’m bringing this to light for our audience because I’m one of those foolish individuals who once thought I was stronger than nicotine.  I told myself foolish things like “I don’t have an addictive personality so they won’t become a habit for me”.  This was an ironic statement because I wanted cigarettes to accompany my very real drinking habit at the time.  Years later I found myself a full-fledged smoker who couldn’t quit, but knew I needed to.

I tried chewing on nicotine gum for months, to no avail.  On many occasions I found myself spitting expensive gum out to light up the real thing, only to have frustration and guilt follow.  The whole experience was actually an exercise by God teaching me lessons of virtue.  He could have simply taken it away like He had other things, but it’s my experience that sometimes there is more value in a struggle teaching us long-suffering, patience, and perseverance.  Personally, I would rather be close to God because a struggle is keeping me there.  But I digress.

I eventually stumbled across e-cigarettes and the whole situation seemed stupid to me, but before long, I loved them.  They were cheaper, more convenient, and actually fun at first, enjoying the different flavors.   I stair-stepped my way down the nicotine levels until one day I realized I couldn’t remember the last time I had used one.  That was a victorious feeling.  I’m still in a war, but the tobacco battle had been won.

I’m not foolish enough to think e-cigs aren’t still somewhat bad for you, but I’m happy to see a hospital like the Mayo Clinic giving them the respect they deserve as a means for someone to quit smoking.  When they followed up with their patients after thirty days, 17% had quit using cigarettes altogether, and 51% said they would continue trying the e-cigarettes instead of cigarettes moving forward.

“Average cigarette consumption decreased from 15.6 per person to 7.6 over the study period,” the study concluded.

They went on to say “e-cig use is feasible and well-accepted in surgical patients”.  I say, “bravo Mayo Clinic”.  As we continue to try to understand this growing trend, I only hope more people will see the positive impact e-cigarettes can have.

Have you tried e-cigarettes to help you quit smoking? If so, we’d love to hear your experience!


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