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A Massive Data Leak Has Exposed How the Rich Hide Money

An incredibly massive data leak has occurred which includes 11.5 million documents, at 2.6 terabytes of information, spanning from 1977-2015.  That roughly equates to being 100 times the size of the now famous Wikileaks.

What’s even more interesting is the nature of the info, as it seeks to expose how wealth is being hidden by the rich..  That list includes celebrities such as Simon Cowell and Jackie Chan; athletes such as soccer superstar Lionel Messi; and politicians such as the king of Saudi Arabia, the president of Argentina, and a handful of people in Vladimir Putin’s inner circle.

The leak is being dubbed the “Panama Papers” due to the involvement of a law firm located in Panama City.  It appears that their main source of income came from being employed by clients from the data’s list to set up shell companies in the British Virgin Islands, a location that has long served as a haven for such activity.

Watch this video for a summary of the details:


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