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A Bone Conduction ‘Smart Ring’ Is Changing the Way We Use Our Phones

Remember like five years ago when everyone thought the word Bluetooth was a noun describing a thing you stuck in your ear? It took us all a minute getting used to walking through the grocery store, airport, or wherever, realizing the person flapping their gums wasn’t actually talking to us. In the name of figuring out the easiest and most efficient way to use our smartphones, a whole lot of technology has come, and quite a bit of it has gone.

That being said, a new ‘smart ring’ might be here to stay thanks to it being the first device I’ve seen to use bone conduction technology in this way. Bone conduction is a fancy way of saying sound waves can travel through bone material and be heard. The ORII Smart Ring is worn like any other ring and seeks to help you leave your phone in your pocket for the simple tasks of calls, messages, and reminders. LED lights on the ring indicate what kind of notification you have received, at which point you push your finger in toward the soft part of your ear in order to hear through your fingertip clearly, even in a noisy environment. Reviews are already rolling in and looking good,

ORII Reviews

Led by CEO Kevin Wong, Origami Labs is the company behind the ring. It is set to retail for $159, although discounts are still available by backing it through their Kickstarter campaign. As of now, there are seventy hours left on that campaign, and it has demolished it’s $30,000 goal with a current total of $276,685.

Watch the video below to see it in action and let us know in the comments if this is something you think you would actually use. They will also be streaming live tonight at 7pm CDT to talk functionality and answer any questions you might have. Visit the Kickstarter page for more info.


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