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6 Ways to Save $1G in One Summer Month

Could you use an extra $1,000.00? If you are like most Americans, you can use the extra cash. I don’t need to know what you need it for, but I want to leave with you six ways you can save $1,000.00 in a month this summer. Ready? Here they are:

1. Freeze your gym membership: The average monthly gym membership is around $50.00 per month. Because it is summer time you can find creative ways to workout outside. Many gyms will allow you to freeze your membership and restart the membership at a later date. This will save you $50. Now only $950.00 to go.

2. No gas, use human fuel: Based on several statistics, Americans spend about $40.00 to fill their gas tanks. According to 41% of people polled fill their tanks each week. That is a total of $160.00. If work is within five miles, why not bike to work? That would save you $160.00 in July. We are at $210.00 saved, only $790.00 to go.

3. Brown bag your meals at work: Based on data from Money Crashers, the average American can save between $168.00 to $351.00 per month (let’s call it an even $260.00) simply by bringing your own coffee, snacks and lunch to work. We are at $470.00 saved, only $530.00 to go.

4. Sell, sell, sell. Use the last few days of June to do some cleaning. Find things that are still useful, but you no longer use them. You can sell those items on Craigslist or Ebay. It is quite possible that you are sitting on about $500.00 of merchandise in your home or apartment that someone else wants. It sounds difficult, but it is pretty easy!

5. Shop before you buy. Take a look at your bank and credit card statements over the last three months. Identify two or three purchases that you regularly made that could be reduced or eliminated. Most Americans spend money on items they can spend far less on if they would just shop a little bit before they make that purchase.

6. Use your skill: What is it that you do well? Could someone possibly benefit from what you do well? If so, why not offer someone this skill for a fee? Scale the fee to the amount of time and energy you will expend in order to accomplish what is needed.

With those six things you will have more than $1,000.00 in one month before the end of the summer.

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