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4 Ways to Live Within Your Means

Ever feel discouraged, burned out, or frustrated with the way you are currently handling your money?

If you’re living above your means and constantly worried or stressed about your money situation, I have one simple question for you: Why are you living this way?

Here are some perspective changes you can make in your life to help you live another way:

1. Decide to Be Faithful in the Little Things

Don’t wait until you get that raise, that new job, or start that new business before you start handling your money seriously. You may not have much today but decide to be faithful in the little things that you have.

So instead of living above your means like so many – choose to be different. Decide today that you are going to be more intentional with your money and empower yourself to say no.

2. Learn the Value of Contentment

Contentment can do so much good for your soul, and teach valuable lessons along the way.

My family has made the choice to live frugal in the state of contentment that God currently has us in. One thing we did was get rid of cable. There was an adjustment period since we had become accustomed to watching our favorite shows. After making the change, we suddenly had more time for conversation, games, park visits, and simply enjoying each other’s presence. Your life can be as rich as you want to make it if you remember contentment is a choice.

3. Hold Loosely to Everything

Holding loosely doesn’t mean to live or spend frivolously. It means while taking careful consideration for what you have, you recognize that it is all God’s to begin with anyway.

In Ecclesiastes, King Solomon mentions many times how stressful life can be if your life’s goal is the pursuit of wealth or riches. Is it wrong to be financially successful or to have nice things? No, but those who aren’t consumed with these things can live less stress-filled lives.

If you can learn the value of holding loosely to what you have, you can unburden yourself with some of life’s pressures.

4. Be Faithful with 100%

Some Christians have only been taught how to handle 10% of their money through giving a tithe, but they’re clueless about how to handle the other 90%. It’s important to remember that 100% of it was given to you by God.

Though you earned that money by using your ability, skill, and knowledge, God gave you that knowledge, skill, and ability to begin with. He gives us the power to create wealth. A great mental shift can happen after recognizing that we‘re simply managers of any wealth God gives us.

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Touya Kelley has spent the last 5 years of her life offering financial solutions to people. On her personal finance blog Break Free And Win, her goal is to help and encourage others to manage God's money well.

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