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4 Foundational Tips to Start Your Business Properly

As a business owner, I often get asked how and what I did to establish my business. The truth is, there were no special steps or methods I used. The only step I took was an action step by simply starting. I had a vision of what I wanted my company to be and that’s what I used to start. Below are four “behind the scenes” foundations I recommend to start your business properly:

Business Bank Account
Be sure to open a business bank account to separate your personal account from your business. This is important to keep things organized and less complicated when it comes time to file taxes and report business financials.

Business License
Depending on where you live, a business license is important. Check with your state’s Department of Revenue office to know the requirements for your state.

Accounting Software
Accounting software is important to keep record of income and expenses. I recommend QuickBooks, but if you want a free option to start, try Wave.

I didn’t realize how important a certified public accountant was until months into my business journey. Finding a good CPA for your business is very beneficial. It helps maximize the time you can spend on client work and creating new solutions for your customers instead of wasting time with bookkeeping and tax preparation.

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