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3 Tips For Overcoming Mental Battles

We are built to rest when darkness comes. Literally. We get our best sleep in the night. Why should our thinking be any different during dark times in our lives? These are times we need the most rest and peace.


When we sleep at night our bodies get restored. There are things taking place that we aren’t consciously aware of yet there are bodily actions and systems still running on our behalf. This is why insomnia and worry can be so damaging to our health because it hinders this process. The Lord says to understand the same thing happens when we rest and automatically trust in Him. When we trust and have peace and rest in Him through our battles and dark seasons, He’s saying this is when His systems and actions are still running on our behalf and on behalf of God’s will!

We are to work in the Light and take up rest while in the darkness. I pray you really understand this.

The glory of God shines in the darkest of hours. I’m not saying that we still don’t feel the fears, pains or pressures of this life; even Jesus had a moment when He wanted our heavenly Father to “remove” that “cup” from Him. He prayed so hard that Luke 22:44 says His sweat was like drops of blood. The Father did not remove that cup from Jesus, who was His Son, so that He could fully relate to our seasons of darkness. Thankfully, He personally chose to trust in the mind of His Father. Jesus aligned His will to our Father’s will at His darkest moments and He teaches us to do the same. The Lord is our peace in the darkness. If only we’d listen and trust.

How do you fare mentally in times of trouble? How confident are you in the Lord during challenging seasons? Check out 1 Samuel 17. Observe the mentality of David in comparison to the other Israelites on the battlefield.

Below are three tips to help you overcome your mental battles:

1. Focus your mentality above the turbulence and into God. Don’t follow the crowd over God’s track record in your life. Follow His voice in you that aligns with the scriptures. Lean on the Holy Spirit.
Remember all the things He’s already helped you conquer in your past and be confident that again, you will have victory.

2. Don’t allow external oppression to make you feel discounted, small, belittled or unworthy. Don’t allow external oppression to shape or warp your view of God, your vision and self. Don’t allow your circumstances to throw you off course. Focus on the vision and tasks at hand with steadiness in the Lord.

3. Internal oppression may be your Goliath. Goliath is what you have created, fed and built up in your mind throughout your life that may be keeping you from successes and from addressing various challenges. Goliath is the strongman that attempts to hold you back; your internal critic who causes you to doubt yourself, your direction and your gifts. He feeds on your sins, insecurities, lies you tell yourself, pride and self-abuses.
God has ordained you to cut Goliath and any other giants down from your mind.

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